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Advocacy and collaboration

Community Equity Organization’s Parent, Student and Staff Advocacy and Collaboration Workshops will cover the importance of advocacy in education, ensuring that participants can effectively engage in the support of a safe and healthy learning environment for all students and staff, as well as be an essential contributing member of their school district.

Participants in this workshop will take away 3 main points:

  1. Better communication with educators and staff

  2. A consistent plan of action addressing academic or personal concerns

  3. Knowledge of working systems within your district (policies, school board)

Legal Disclaimer: The intent of this workshop is to share existing processes, policies and communication procedures that will help advocate toward a solution for student and parent grievances.

About Community Equity Organization

Community Equity Organization’s purpose is to remove the structures of systemic racism and biases experienced by people of color in the workplace, education and everyday living. We work to create and sustain collaborations with organizations and corporations across the United States that share our vision, to live in a society free of racism and biases that seeks to diminish or extinguish the light of diversity and inclusion. We work to remove barriers that continue to marginalize and oppress Black people and people of color. We work to create an equity based socio-
economic environment.

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